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Signature Balm Facial
50 min $100.00
Includes a double cleanse, Steam for hydration and product penetration. Extractions, custom Jelly Mask and Massage.
Signature Balm Facial w/ Microdermabrasion
55 min $149.00
Double Cleanse, Steam for hydration and product penetration, Extractions, Microdermabrasion for exfoliation and brightening, custom Jelly Mask and Massage.

Balm HydraFacial MD Deluxe
50 min $279.00
Deep cleanse, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic and Salicylic peel, LED light therapy, Custom Booster for Client's specific needs targeting Fine lines and wrinkles, Brightening skin tone or Nourishing.
Signature HydraFacial MD
30 min $199.00
The mix of Glycolic, Salicylic, Hyaluronic Acids and suction Exfoliates and deeply Hydrates the skin producing the perfect Glow.

Microdermabrasion Service
30 min $99.00
Receive a full cleanse with deep exfoliation for fine lines. This will provide skin smoothing and hydration penetration.
55 min $189.00
This treatment improves skin appearance by reducing pore size, fine lines, and scarring as well as stimulating collagen.

Organic Anti-Aging Facial
55 min $149.00
Organic age defying products that stimulate collagen production. Steam, massage and extractions if needed.
Organic Rejuvenating Decongesting Peel
35 min $85.00
Pumpkin, Yam, Glycolic and Lactic Acids helps slough dead skin, reduce appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.

Acne Clarifying Facial
1 hr 15 min $149.00
Deep cleansing facial to help blemished and acne prone skin. Pro Salicylic peel, Extractions and Clarifying Mask.
Dermaplane Facial
55 min $149.00
Double Cleanse and full face Dermaplane treatment followed by a tone and Hydrating Jelly Mask. The facial concludes with finishing serum SPF.
Express Dermaplane
30 min $75.00
Cleanse With Dermaplane service and Moisturize.
CBD Facial
50 min $159.00
Relax with a CBD Drink before your facial that includes massage, extractions and a CBD-infused mask Reducing signs of stress, inflammation, aging and acne.

Back Facial
50 min $110.00
Double Cleanse, Steam, Exfoliation, Deep Pore cleaning and Purifying Mask.

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